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纯善纯美带来光明未来Pure goodness and pure beauty bring bright future







Pure goodness and pure beauty bring a bright future

In this world, we often ask ourselves confusedly, what kind of person should we be to be truly happy? Some people think it is the accumulation of wealth, some people think it is the pursuit of fame and fortune, and some people think it is the maintenance of good health. In fact, everyone has their own answer. However, we need to understand a key truth, which is what my uncle often warned us: Only with a pure, kind and beautiful heart can we usher in a bright future.

Wang Yangming is a great thinker in the history of China. As a sage in ancient China, he left such a sentence for the past sages to inherit the learning: the heart is bright, and there is nothing to say. Everyone has a pure and bright heart deep in their hearts, but the acquired environment, education, make people gradually distance themselves from the original beauty, and gradually become selfish, selfish, and persistent. And only inner pure goodness and pure beauty can enable us to realize true happiness. It means being kind and righteous in every action we take, making a difference from the bottom of our hearts, and radiating the power of light.

Karma in China is also closely related to this, and good and evil actions will have corresponding retribution. A person with a good heart will do good deeds and get positive rewards. And those who have evil thoughts, dark hearts, and misbehavior will face evil consequences. It's a law of the universe that affects our destiny whether we can see it or not.

In "Four Lessons of Liao Fan", there is also a profound story. In the story, when a person is in the underworld, he finds that his evil deeds have been recorded in a book, but his good deeds are only simple. However, the weight of this good deed is heavier than a book of bad records in the scales of the underworld. This is because good deeds come from empathy and consideration for the suffering of others. Even though the quantity is not as good as the evil deeds, this good deed has condensed the power of the good that is truly for him, surpassing the influence of the evil deeds.

Therefore, we must understand that having a pure, kind and beautiful heart is the key to true happiness. No matter how the external environment changes, as long as our hearts are pure and kind, and we are considerate of others, we can get rid of negative emotions such as greed, jealousy, and resentment. From the heart, if we really do it, people are magnanimous, pure, and bright. From the perspective of life, it is perfect and truly happy.

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