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Recently,We have played basketball time, Sean and Tom have always goaled. They physical power also rise from early. Tom always running mainly, if Sean stay under the basketry when basketball decline time, he always rob basketball. Because we stay in this school (uncle’place) and exercise well , Meditate well and A normal schedule every day, we don’t possibly have such as good body now.


Recently Tom is going to the piano examination,I remember it was a month ago that Tom took the piano test last time, in my impression, the piano takes an examination of a grade to want to differ commonly 3 ~ 5 months just can take an examination of a grade. Tom only used 1 months more. His progress is really quick. Of course, that is all because Tom is very try hard sometimes, he just has a little time, he always stay in the house of the piano. Tom was very hard on the his happy, l must study this point from the Tom.

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