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1.Management skills

When we were preparing the hot pot last week, the progress was very slow because I did not allocate what everyone was going to do in advance. I felt that everyone was not doing well at the time, so I was a little angry, but I felt that I shouldn't be angry. I told my uncle what happened, and my uncle told me that I shouldn't be angry because it was all caused by me, as I didn't allocate what everyone was going to do, so then all the work depends on the children's initiative skills. The children are very young and they all have the desire to play. If I allocate things well in advance, everyone can do their own work and I don't need to be angry.




I have always disliked English before, and found it very difficult to learn, and I did not want to take English classes. However, with the help of Jiajia and Xiaohui during this period, I feel like that I no longer dislike English and that my English has improved a lot. Thank you uncle and friends for your encouragement and help.

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