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种猫草 Plant Cat Grass


Recently I planted cat grass in a box, one by one, sparse like a savannah. Looking at the cat grass bought from outside, it looks like a dense jungle, lush and lush. So I tried a new way of growing cat grass: hydroponics. According to the steps, first soak the seeds in water for about 6 hours to soften the seed coat and facilitate the germination of the seeds. Then place the soaked seeds on moistened paper and wait for it to germinate and grow. I secure the paper over the mouth of the box filled with water to keep the paper towels moist for a long time. The germination rate of the seeds did improve, but at the same time there was another problem: the paper towels started to turn yellow and hairy due to the humidity. By searching on the Internet, I learned that the reason for the mold is due to long-term humidity and lack of ventilation. And I found a better way to hydroponic cat grass: Find a plastic cup with a lid, hollow out the lid from the middle, and the lid ring is used to fix the paper towels so that it can effectively prevent the paper towels from being soaked in water for a long time and cause mildew. After placing the germinated seeds on a paper towel, the catgrass roots will pass through the paper towel into the water in the cup. In this way, there is no need to worry about the lack of water in the cat grass, and you can also bask in the sun frequently. Now that I've put the germinated seeds on paper towels, hopefully this will lead to more and better cat grass this time around.

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