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秋景Autumn scenery



清晨,有时雾气弥漫,云烟缭绕。向公园深处看去,好似云朵掉落在草地上,谧静而美丽。而当 太阳升起,金光闪耀,大地又会突然变成另一种光景。公园无人处开满了巴掌大的黄色花朵,被清晨的第一缕阳光所照射,给人一种光明快乐的心情。




Autumn scenery

Autumn is here, and Canada is about to enter its most spectacular season. Although it is still early autumn, the breath of autumn and the scenery of autumn have quietly arrived in our daily life.

In the early morning, sometimes it is foggy and filled with clouds and smoke. Looking deep into the park, it looks like clouds falling on the grass, quiet and beautiful. And when the sun rises and the golden light shines, the earth will suddenly change into another scene. The deserted areas of the park are filled with palm-sized yellow flowers, illuminated by the first ray of sunshine in the morning, giving people a bright and happy mood.

The leaves have also begun to slowly turn red, and the leaves facing the sun tend to turn red faster, so when you go out, you can see two colors of maple trees, which is very interesting. Some maple trees still maintain their youthful green color, while some maple trees seem to be eager for the arrival of autumn. Their leaves are all fiery red or golden yellow, which is very beautiful.

Since we live close to fields, we can often see endless cornfields or wheat fields. Recently, with the arrival of autumn, the fields have changed from the original oily green to golden yellow, the color of harvest. Since the wheat fields are facing the west, after 6:30 pm, you can see an extremely spectacular sunset in the direction of the wheat fields. Sometimes the sun will appear in the form of a fiery red, shining on the sky and dyeing half of the sky red. Sometimes there are few clouds and the sun is fiery red. A huge red disk will slowly descend on the endless golden fields and slowly disappear.

This is the charm of early autumn in Canada: whether it is morning, noon or evening, it can make us feel different beauties and surprises.

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