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福气 Good Fortune




The world always likes slender women and looks down upon fat women. But is a person’s appearance that important?

People who can achieve happiness in the world are blessed people. As the old saying goes: If you are blessed, you don’t need to be busy; if you are not blessed, you will be heartbroken. That is to say, no matter what a lucky person does, everything goes smoothly with the help of noble people; although an unlucky person works very hard, the result is always unsatisfactory. There is a saying from the older generation that "long legs and thin feet are a sign of hard work as a result of running around." Nowadays, people think that "little bird legs" and "chopstick legs" are beautiful, but if you don't want to be a life of hard work, don't lose weight. .

Appearance is only a part of a person, but inner blessing and happiness are the most precious wealth in our lives.

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