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神奇的恢复Miraculous recovery




I still remember before, when I was at home, I sprained my back and it took a month to recover. I was in so much pain that I couldn't walk normally.

Recently, I accidentally sprained my waist again. But this time is different. Because the school requires students to meditate, my uncle told us: Meditation can not only repair the body, but also strengthen the body. In the next 3 days, meditate normally according to the school schedule every day. I found that the pain in my lower back seemed to be blown away by a magical wind. Although there is still some pain, it doesn't bother me anymore.

Not only that, but every time after finishing the meditation, I feel that my whole body is particularly comfortable. In the past, after we sprained our feet while playing football, the school also required us to meditate. Basically, it took less than 5 days, and the injuries on our feet basically healed. Meditation is really a magical thing.

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