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There was a group discussion in class this week: who is more important, knowledge or confidence? In my opinion, there is no one absolute answer to this question because they are all important. Knowledge and confidence complement each other. Confidence without knowledge is blind self-confidence, and sometimes it is even ridiculous. However, without confidence without knowledge, it is difficult to succeed because you do not have the courage to pursue success. At the same time, confidence alone is not enough to maintain success. To maintain success, you must have knowledge. Both knowledge and confidence are the keys to success, and the absence of any of them can lead to failure or failure.


Two days ago, I had a conflict with my sister because of some trivial matters. The reason was that I didn't respect my sister when I was talking and doing things. My sister originally made delicious cookies for us, but because I was in a bad mood, I picked on my sister’s faults everywhere. I didn’t listen to my sister’s words. But then I began to recall my own words and deeds, and found that my tone was very bad when I spoke, and the words between the lines were filled with dissatisfaction with my sister. If I were to think about it, I would definitely be very unhappy if I were my sister. I was happy for everyone. Bake cookies, and it pays off in the end. Uncle discovered our abnormality next day, and after having a general understanding of the situation, he severely criticized me and gave me a reason. I also really realized my mistakes. I must correct my problems in the future. Everyone is happy. Heart lives together.

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