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知其不可为而为之 Know That It Cannot Be Done But Do It


There was such a "little man" in the Ming Dynasty who was famous throughout the ages. Yang Jisheng was born during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. He became a Jinshi at the age of 31 and became an official. He was alone, and his official career was not smooth. As expected, he would never have the chance to join the cabinet and become prime minister in his lifetime, nor would he be able to gain enough strength to overthrow the treacherous minister Yan Song. Seeing Yan Song disrupting the imperial court and acting rebelliously, the only thing he could do was to raise his arms and awaken the ministers of the Manchu Dynasty who were afraid of the strict party: Shangshu's "Please punish the traitors and ministers" directly pointed out the crimes of Yan Song and his son. As expected, he was framed by the strict party and imprisoned. To impeach Yan Song while the strict party has only one hand to cover the sky is undoubtedly to kill an egg with a stone. Behind this seemingly overestimating and even stupid behavior is conscience and justice, and "knowing that you can't do it but doing it." This is not stubbornness or stubbornness, nor is it the self-comfort of "treating a dead horse as a live horse doctor". This is the ancient people's concern for the country and the people, their sense of responsibility for ethics and morality, peace in the world, and the people's living and working in peace and contentment, and it is also their conscience. And on the other hand, his efforts were not without results. His sacrifice infuriated the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty who had succumbed to the lustful power of the strict party, awakened those capable ministers who did not act because of their own interests, and made countless people with the world's hearts firm in their determination to eradicate the traitor. And this memorial also became a sharp blade a few years later, the most powerful blow to the downfall of the Yan Party. His sacrifice was not in vain. Perhaps at the moment when his determination was weakened, he had already seen the dawn of victory, and he just became the leader bravely.

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