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眼前苦 Current Suffering




Life is often unsatisfactory, but people often find that the most sad thing is "suffering in front of the eyes". Why is suffering in front of the eyes the most painful? Because it is at your fingertips, it is the suffering that people are really suffering at the moment, it cannot be avoided, it cannot be buffered, and it is painful and difficult. Some people always have a sad face, not because of unfair fate, but because they always reject the "present suffering", hoping that the "present suffering" will disappear automatically in another time and place, but the result is just the opposite, and the small suffering becomes a big suffering , Push yourself to a corner.

Many psychologists and books have said that delaying gratification, daring to bear pain and solving life problems is the only way to grow and mature mentally. Those who insist on self-discipline never avoid problems, never reject pain, and always walk on the road of life calmly. They swallow countless sufferings in front of them and turn them into nourishing things for their bodies and minds. Nutrients, the heart is becoming more and more mature and strong, and life is gradually moving towards the road of self-realization and success.

It's true that the most unpalatable thing is the "current suffering", but after eating, these sufferings will become your spiritual strength under the influence of time, so that we can cope with various challenges in the future on the road of life.

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