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This week we listened to a few stories about being tolerant, and after listening to them, I felt that the stories were right. But when we finished talking about our feelings, uncle told us a deeper truth: Tolerance is to be tolerant of others when they have really done something wrong to us and hurt us. A lot of things are just that we think others are not good to us and that we have been hurt, but in fact this is just judging what others are doing according to our incorrect way of thinking. In other words, in fact, others are not wrong at all, it is us who are wrong, but we still tell ourselves to be tolerant of each other. Therefore, we should first establish a correct way of thinking, and then think about being tolerant of others, otherwise we will sink deeper and deeper into our own wrong thinking.


July and August are the most prosperous times for sunflowers to bloom, so this Friday, uncle also took us to the nearby sunflower field. This flower field is very close to where we live, and it only takes seven or eight minutes to drive. Even so, we can't wait to get ready for the clothes and props to wear and take some good-looking photos. Looking at the flower field from the parking lot from a distance is not big, it is not the same as imagined, but when we walked into the flower field, we found that it was so big, and it was impossible to see the end at a glance! There are wide roads and narrow paths in the flower fields. Although the sunflower flowers are not big, they are very dense. It looks like a huge sea of flowers. The sun shines on the flowers, making the golden petals even more beautiful beauty. There are also many props for people to take photos in the flower field: lookout platforms, swings, haystacks, and even a small red harvester. We took pictures as we walked, and the time passed quickly. Of course, we also took a lot of beautiful pictures in the end, and we were very happy!

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