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In the blink of an eye, it's April again, and the weather in Canada is on the rise. It even got above ten degrees last week, and just when we thought spring was finally coming, another snow fell. Although the snow was not big, it was enough to let us feel the magic of the Canadian climate. It was warm just yesterday, and this morning saw snow covering the trees again, but since the temperature was not very low, the snow did not accumulate on the roads. When I went to feed the birds this morning, I could see at a glance that the grass and woods were a piece of white flowers, but the path in the middle was still true.


We recently read an article about being really kindness to others. After reading it, I found that when I didn't want to work, I always made a lot of excuses for myself, and even made up some excuses to prove that I "really" couldn't do it. And even if I do it, there will be many conditions. I do it not to help others and do things well, but to prove to others that I am a good person. What I care most about is not that others need help, but to use this opportunity. Satisfy your dirty mind. Especially for things that I am not good at, I will make excuses for myself to avoid it, because I do not want to be criticized by others. Now that I have recognized this problem, I will try my best to correct it, and with the supervision of uncle here, I believe that I can be really kindness to others.

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