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相互帮助,共同提高Help each other and improve together






Help each other, improve together

Recently, the words "Unity is strength" always reverberate in my mind from time to time, and whenever I think of it, there will always be warmth in my heart. Now the small group of boys is composed of Brother Bowei, Zi Teng and me. Uncle often taught us to help each other and improve together in our daily life. Everyone has different things in their hearts that need to be corrected. In life, they have gradually played a role in reminding each other. Gradually, I felt that under the guidance of my uncle, we began to form a virtuous circle, from the external life, work and rest, to the inner thoughts and ideas, all are gradually changing.

In daily life, everyone shows their talents in their respective areas of expertise. Brother Bowei is the oldest, and also the most self-controlled and disciplined person among us. Many times, because of our own comfort and slack, we are always unable to persist in doing a good job for a long time, but under his leadership and reminders, we strictly abide by all the rules specified by uncle here. Although Zi Teng is the youngest, he is our skilled craftsman. Daily electrical appliances, furniture, even computer stereos, pianos, and desktop computers, as long as they are named items, if they are damaged or abnormal, Zi Teng can pass them through. Repair eventually solves the problem. It solves many things that others can only solve by entering the store.

Of course, whether it is following the rules or solving specific problems in life, it is not something that one person can do alone. It does not mean that everything that a person is good at belongs to this person. Let everyone be familiar with and understand how to do it, and how to do it better. Just like in terms of thinking, if someone feels something while reading, or thinks about something, they will share it with everyone in their spare time and learn from each other, so as to achieve common progress. In this way, after a period of time, slowly, I found that in life, Brother Bowei, who didn't cook much before, can cook delicious meals, and Ziteng has become more and more proficient in driving. Even in our spare time, those of us Music Xiaobai can also play a paragraph on the piano keys. In life, through sharing, we all learn a lot from each other.

However, looking back and reflecting on myself, I feel that there are still many places that need to be improved and improved. For example, when helping others, the heart is not pure, and some things can often be taught, but they are reserved because of the improper thinking deep in their hearts. So for myself, I still need to constantly reflect and constantly improve my bad mentality. But there is no doubt that under the guidance of the uncle, the small group of boys has gradually formed a virtuous circle. I believe that in the near future, everyone's life and mentality will be able to improve to a higher level.

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