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This week, I celebrate my nineteenth birthday. What’s interesting is that this year the lunar calendar and the solar calendar coincide with the day of birth. According to statistics, there is only a 6% chance of such a situation. I believe this is the case. It will add luck and beauty to your next new year.

Unknowingly, I found that I was already 19, and it had been nearly eight years since I came to my uncle. I felt that I had a lot of feelings and things to say, but no words could compare to a sincere and grateful heart. I recall that eight years ago, a child with no goals in life, average grades in the smallest and worst elementary school in the city, and no one but himself came to his uncle's home. Eight years later, I have become a person who has a goal in life, a bright future, and has been admitted to a top university (U of T). All of these changes came after I came to my uncle. It was his education that completely transformed me from the worst to the best and happiest person. In the past few years with my uncle, many people who don’t know my uncle will ask why we respect and admire our uncle so much, or some people once doubted his education. But the solid facts tell us that uncle’s education can change a child’s life, that he can educate the worst children into the best children, and that he is the person we respect and admire the most in our lives.

After my 19th birthday, I am already a real adult. I hope that I can take on more responsibilities and do everything well. I can continue to make progress and become better under my uncle’s education. I also hope that I can be with everyone. With my hard work, my uncle’s education and this gospel can be spread to more people, so that countless people can benefit from my uncle’s education and become better people.

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