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生日惊喜Birthday surprise



birthday surprise

Wednesday is Brother Xiaoshan’s 19th birthday. While everyone was eating the cake, they lamented how time flies. Looking through the old materials, the past seems to be vivid in my mind. After being with my uncle for so many years, everyone has been changing. Whether it is the news and articles you have written before, or the various photos and videos you have taken, they have become precious diaries. Whenever we see the comparison between how we were when we first came here and now, we can’t help but sigh that the students here have created so many miracles. Great changes have taken place in terms of body, study, thinking and habits. Although there are still some shortcomings that can be improved further, they are completely incomparable to the past. Such a change would be unimaginable let alone put into practice outside. It just so happens that Brother Xiaoshan just received the admission notice from the University of Toronto this week. This is another good news and an interesting birthday surprise.

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