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生命幸福与否取决于你的思想 Happiness in Life Depends on Your Thoughts


In life, there are often people who attribute some of their behaviors, especially those extreme behaviors, to their past experiences. They will say that those painful memories led to their current bad behavior. This is not the case, it is just an excuse for their behavior. "It was because of those bad experiences that led me to do this." This sounds reasonable. After all, no one can travel through time and change the past. Therefore, these people can openly blame their own past for problems, and even win the sympathy of others. If they want to change their current situation and break out of the "limitations of past experiences", this is actually possible if they are willing to work hard. Although the past cannot be changed, the "present" and "future" can be changed. Each of us lives in a world of our own interpretation, everything depends on our cognition, and our thoughts determine whether life is happy or not. So let us start from now on with courage, hope and strength, without being restricted by "the past", solve the current problems, and move forward towards our goals and ideals.

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