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环境对人的影响 The Impact of the Environment on People



There is such a story in An Shiquan: Once upon a time, there was a white elephant in the Fahrenheit Kingdom, which could destroy enemies. If someone committed a crime, the criminal law of the country was to trample the person to death with the elephant. Later, the elephant stable was destroyed by fire, and the elephant was moved to a temple. When he heard the monk reciting the Dhammapada, he suddenly felt frightened and stood still, as if he had realized something. Later, the sinner was pushed in front of the elephant. The elephant only sniffed and licked the sinner, but could not bear to trample and kill him. After the king knew the reason, he moved the elephant to a place for slaughter. The elephant saw and heard about the slaughter every day, and his nausea became fierce and fierce.

In a compassionate and kind environment, the white elephant's temperament becomes gentler and he cannot bear to take any more lives. And in the bloody slaughterhouse, it became violent and cruel. Similarly, if we choose to be close to gentlemen and associate with people with high moral standards, our souls will also be nourished and promoted. On the contrary, if we indulge in a vulgar environment and associate with villains, we will gradually lose our principles and bottom line. It is easy for people to change from good to bad, but it is difficult to change from evil to good. In ancient times, Meng's mother moved three times in order to provide Mencius with a good learning environment. It can be seen that the environment has an extremely important impact on us. How can we not pay attention to it? We should always be vigilant, choose the right path, and stay away from environments and people that may have a negative impact on us.

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