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环境与心灵 Environment And Soul


Through a person's living environment, we can get a glimpse of his inner world. Every object in the environment, whether it is a book on a shelf or a decoration on the wall, expresses a person's thinking and lifestyle. The choice of books may reflect his interests and intellectual pursuits, while the tidiness of a home often reveals the occupant's daily habits and state of mind. A cluttered space gives people a feeling of laziness, inability to concentrate, and low work efficiency. On the contrary, a clean and orderly space not only brightens the eyes, but also brings peace to the mind. Living environment is not only about the layout of physical space, but also about how a person interacts with their life and how they process and organize the world around them. Similarly, cleaning is not only cleaning the space we live in, but also sorting out our inner world. So, as the New Year approaches, I wish we all have a neat and orderly start to the year!

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