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猫咪 Cat



Today, with the increasing development of short videos, many people do everything in order to gain traffic and attract people's attention. Some videos "frighten cats for fun" earn traffic with the "antics" of cats after being frightened. When I saw this kind of video before, I also felt funny and funny. But when you think about it in another way, when you look at these frights from the perspective of a cat, you no longer find it funny.

Cats are sensitive animals with better senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch than humans. The world seen by cats can be said to be an enlarged version of the world we see. For example, ordinary vacuum cleaners in our eyes are giants in the world of cats. Imagine the fear in our hearts when we face the horrors in our cognition, in fact, cats feel the same way. These behaviors are just an insignificant prank for humans, but they cause mental and psychological harm to cats, and in severe cases, they cause cats’ stress reactions. In the eyes of those people, cats seem to be no longer life, but a tool to make money and gain traffic. Happiness should not be based on the pain of any life, there are many ways to get happiness. For example, when we get along with cats, when we pat them and purr, and when they rub against our feet, we can capture countless happy moments.

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