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猫咪的饮食习惯 Cat’s Eating Habits


If you change the eating and resting schedules for your cats, you can successfully harvest a group of "follow-up" kittens. In order to allow cats to have better eating habits and to allow cats and humans to live in more harmonious coexistence, we have adjusted the cats’ eating time this week. This makes the little kittens who know how to read watches a little confused. It's obviously dinner time, why is the shit shovel still sitting still? First of all, you will see all the cats that were walking around or sleeping gathered around you, looking for a place to hide and wait. However, their eyes and ears are pointed in your direction, and any sign of feeding cannot escape their eyes. After a while, you can no longer live in the nest anymore, and kittens start to walk around and rub around you constantly, trying to attract your attention. After getting no results, the cats' chasing game began. I don't know who pounced on whom first, and then the third one just watched the excitement, and a chase began. Boom, boom, boom, jump up and down. Finally, tired of running, I found a place to nest again, looking unhappy, "I've made it so obvious, can't you see it?" It's finally time. After seeing you stand up, they will stand upright. His ears widened and his eyes widened, as if he were smelling prey in the jungle. At this time, no matter where you go, they follow you, like a group of galloping ponies. Although changing habits is not easy, they gradually got used to the new routine. I always hope that these cute little guys will grow up happily.

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