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猫咪的新年礼物 New Year's gift for cats


During the Chinese New Year cleaning last week, one of my sister's beautiful hair ties broke. Since the scrunchie has a loop of cloth on the outside, it is still a loop, but it still can't be used anymore. While we were thinking about what to do with it, Daikin walked into our room. With an idea, the elder sister put the hair ring around Da Jin's neck and put a collar on Da Jin. Surprisingly, Daikin didn't resist, and seemed to like this "new decoration" very much, and it went to sleep after a while. When Da Jin woke up at night, we were surprised to find that he was still wearing a collar. After getting the new collar, Dajin walks with his head held high, and when we touch it, he grunts happily. It seems that Dajin really likes his New Year gift. But when we meditated at night, we found that the other cats didn't seem very happy. Uncle said it was because they were unhappy when they saw Da Jin had a collar and he didn't have one. We should treat every kitten fairly. So in the end, my sister contributed 4 hair rings to make collars for the cats. Sure enough, each of them looked a lot more proud after putting on the collar. It's funny and cute to see their high-spirited appearance!

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