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猫咪的可爱行为 Cute Behavior of Cats






In daily life, we are often amazed by the cuteness of cats. These little moments could almost fill a book! Because there are so many!

Baby Yuan who loves patting, the first thing he does when he opens the door every day is to rub against you; sometimes he runs to your chair and meows to remind you that he is coming; when no one pays attention to him, he will be there Strolling around on the first floor, the loud "meow" means "I am a poor kitten, is there any kind-hearted person willing to pat me", at this time you may find his tail drooping, Then you only need to stand in the upstairs corridor and call his name softly a few times, and you will find a small white shadow quickly appearing beside you.

Yesterday when I called Yuan Baobao in the corridor, he jumped onto the white table downstairs. In order to get upstairs faster, he stood there for a while, his eyes looking up and down, as if measuring the distance from himself to the railing of the upstairs corridor, and then made a perfect jump. He stood there hesitating for a long time, his two small front feet eager to try, but finally chose to take the stairs and rushed upstairs.

There are many things like this. I still remember that one night when I was photographing Yuanbao, I suddenly thought that I forgot to turn off the light in the toilet. After a brief explanation with him, I quickly stood up and rushed to the toilet to reduce the time spent going back and forth. Unexpectedly, when I just arrived at the toilet, I looked down and found Baobao Yuan standing at the door of the toilet: two front legs spread apart, head tilted slightly, big eyes full of doubts, chest heaving slightly because of running. It was like saying: "What happened, what happened?! Why didn't you continue to shoot me?!" I was dumbfounded by his cute appearance. After not discovering the situation, he lay down on the ground again and waited.

While writing this news, various images appeared in my mind, and my heart was very warm and moved. For these countless warm pictures, we must treat them kindly. What's more, they also bring us companionship and comfort, and express their love and gratitude to us in their own way. And as a kitten, in their world, apart from the cat family, we are the only ones!

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