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猫咪新技能 Cats' New Skills


Cats are very smart little animals. They have endless curiosity and learn new skills through exploration and observation. It is not easy to lock our cats in the house with handle door locks. When they want to get out, they just need to stand up against the door, hold the door handle with one hand and press it down, push the door frame with the other hand, and push the back foot a few steps back, and they can easily "escape". Recently, I found that they have mastered a new skill: opening drawers. That night, we were in the study room and heard the sound of drawers being pushed and closed in the bathroom. Then I saw Yuanbao standing against the drawer. This is a three-layer small drawer, and Yuanbao's goal is the second layer. He used his head as a support point to support the third layer of drawers, his left hand gently placed in the gap between the two layers of drawers, and his right hand pulled out the small handle of the second layer of drawers. When the right hand opened the drawer a gap, the left hand was inserted into the drawer, and then the head pushed forward, and the hand pushed back hard, and the drawer was pulled open. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never have thought how he opened the drawer!

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