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猫咪咕噜的奥秘 The Secret of Cat Purring






Cats always bring us warmth and happiness in their own unique way, especially through their soft purrs.

We usually think of cats purring because they feel happy and content, especially when they eat something delicious and enjoy being patted. Jin Jin often purrs for an hour or two, and there is also Little Milk. Every time I hold him, he will purr non-stop.

But recently I learned that cats’ purring doesn’t just mean they are happy. On the contrary, they also purr when they are hungry, scared, or even hurt. This is because, in fact, their grunting is a way of self-comfort and distraction, just like we humans will soothe ourselves and distract ourselves by crying, laughing, or even tidying up the room. What’s even more amazing is that cats purr at a very special low frequency, which produces a series of vibrations inside their bodies, helping cats recover more quickly and promoting good health. Of course, it will also make our spirits relax and calm.

The mutual care between cats is also reflected in this purr. Veterinarians and scientists have discovered that some cats will lie next to their companions and purr when they are injured. The mother cat will purr for a long time when the kittens are just born, so that the kittens that have not yet opened their eyes can find their mother through the sound.

Therefore, a cat's purring is not only a symbol of happiness, but also a complex emotional expression. Cats purr to convey comfort, promote healing, and even share love and care within their group. In this fast-paced world, perhaps we can learn from these little beings and find our own way to soothe our souls and find inner peace.

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