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独乐乐,不如众乐乐Being happy alone is not as good as being happy together.





Being happy alone is not as good as being happy together.

On the basketball court, there are usually many people participating in the game. I think the game of basketball is not about winning or losing, but about the joy and unity of everyone working together. A recent game on the court: Those players who are relatively thin are sometimes squeezed out by most people; while some players who are tall and have a proud attitude often hope that the ball is always in their hands. After they get the ball, But he rarely passes the ball to his teammates. In this case, due to a lack of confidence and the distrust of most people, the smaller players often pass the ball to the taller players involuntarily. Even if the game ends up being lost, someone often blames them instead of blaming the taller players.

It was very heartbreaking to see this scene. Unlike our experience at our uncle's place, here everyone gave it their all and we felt happy inside regardless of the outcome of the game. When we have the ball, the first thing we think of is passing the ball to teammates who have less chance to touch the ball, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of playing basketball. If you only focus on your own happiness and ignore everyone's feelings, then even if you win the game, the joy will only be selfish satisfaction, but not the real happiness and warmth shared by everyone.

In the team sport of basketball, everyone deserves respect and opportunities, regardless of size. Sharing happiness can fill everyone's hearts with happiness.

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