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狗狗的搞笑行为 Funny dog behavior


Funny dog behavior

Our dogs can exhibit many behaviors that are both adorable and hilarious. For example, when he was in the house, he groaned to go out to use the toilet, but as soon as he went out, he went to play. When he sees people eating, he is anxious to eat, but when he eats his own dog food, he is average. When he sees people's food, he eats it better than anyone else. When I see other dogs outside, I get excited, chase them and want to play with them. When it encounters a big dog, it wants to rush forward to play. When it encounters a puppy, if the puppy barks at it, it will look at the puppy curiously. You can tell what it is thinking from its expression and even its eyes, and its reactions to various things are very much like a child. I have enough energy and am active every day. When he comes back tired from playing, he lies down on the ground and looks at you with his two bright eyes, really like a child.

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