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狗狗的卫生Dog hygiene




Dog hygiene

Some time ago, I accidentally discovered red marks on my dog's legs and soles. After a doctor's examination, he determined that the inflammation was caused by stepping on something dirty. Although the problem was not serious, some anti-inflammatory drugs were needed to speed up the improvement. The emergence of this incident has made everyone reflect on our daily interactions with dogs. Dogs are usually very clingy to people. Basically, dogs are where people are. Even if we criticize and teach it for bad things it does or don’t take the initiative to play with it, it will not get angry. Instead, it will take the initiative to run over and be quiet. Stay next to us, or come to us with toys in their mouths to play with. But over time, we may gradually ignore the dog’s own feelings. Dogs do not have the ability to talk to people, and many things can only be buried in their hearts. For example, dogs are bored when they stay in the house by themselves, which leads to unreasonable "Destroying the home", for example, the dog is so excited when going out to play that it causes him to run very fast as soon as he goes out. Often at this time, from a human point of view, the dog either destroys the home or almost breaks free when running out. Dog leash, but there are reasons for doing this from the dog's perspective. Or for example, this time the dog's feet are inflamed. We do not have the ability to restrain the dog from stepping on dirty things, but we do have the ability to clean the dog in time. It is precisely because of the lack of timely cleaning that the final result is inflammation.

Uncle taught us to think about others and think about problems from the other person's perspective. These are not only ways of thinking between people, but also ways of thinking about everything in the world. Just like a kind person not only helps others, but also abstains from killing and releasing animals when treating animals, showing compassion in his heart. Therefore, in life, I hope that we can all treat people and things with the mindset of thinking about others, so that our lives will have less difficulties and worries, and more joy and beauty.

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