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牛肉的新吃法A New Way to Eat Beef



A New Way to Eat Beef

During the lunch and dinner time on weekends, I discovered a new method. It turns out that we would cut a whole piece of meat into slices and cook them in a hot pot on weekends. We have tried a new method these few times, which is to cut the beef brisket into small pieces, marinate it, and then bake it in the oven. Although the seasoning and marinating techniques we used are not particularly good, they are far from as delicious and fragrant as the meat seasoned by my uncle when he took us out for barbecue. But I have to say that these meats are really good. Even if they are fried in a pan without any seasoning, they are fragrant and very delicious, not to mention that they are marinated, seasoned and then grilled. . It's really a time-saving, labor-saving and delicious way to eat.

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