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牛奶 Milk


When I was playing with cats recently, I found that Milk was always left alone. Faced with other cats playing happily, Milk would stand aside and watch from a distance, and sometimes even ran downstairs alone. Every time I see this situation, I feel very distressed. I can feel that Milk doesn't want to play with everyone. When he stood beside him, his eyes were full of anticipation. He was waiting for a certain moment when the cat teaser could come to him. Maybe it's because the other four kittens are a family, and Milk is not one of them, or maybe it's because of Milk's own personality, or it's the kitten's inherent jealousy. But in fact, its purpose of doing this is just to let us pay more attention to and love it. Although Milk is surrounded by his elder brother Wangzai who is like a brother, they are not in the same family after all. Being alone with a cat, it is inevitable to feel lonely sometimes, and Milk has experienced some trauma when he was a child, so what we can do is to care more about Milk, make sure it feels safe and carefree, and let him live a happy life.

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