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牛奶的梦 The Dream of Milk




Cats are sleepy animals and spend most of the day sleeping: they sometimes stretch their legs lazily; or they fold their hands together to cover their faces, and then slowly relax; they stay in this nest for a while and then wake up. Then they stretch first and then change to another nest to continue sleeping; sometimes when they get tired of sleeping in the same position, they will stand up from the nest, turn around, and continue sleeping in another direction. Sometimes we also hear the incessant "tsk tsk" smacking sound. Following the sound, we will find that Milk in his sleep is smacking his lips and sucking something. I always feel that he must be dreaming about the mother cat...

One afternoon while we were reading, we heard a sad whine from a cat. When we looked around to see which kitten it was, we only saw Milk sleeping alone on the sofa next to him. He must have dreamed of something sad... So I walked next to him, squatted down and stroked him gently. He, these comforts seemed to pull him back from his sad dream. He first breathed a sigh of relief and seemed to relax a lot, and at the same time he started to purr. When I gently scratched his chin with my hand, he folded his hands to cover his face and hugged my hand at the same time. Then he buried his little head in my arms, pressing the tip of his nose against me. It lasted like this for a long time...

At first I only thought that Milk might be dreaming about mother cat, but when I was writing this news, I suddenly remembered what happened to Milk when she was a child. Maybe this sad dream is related to that unfortunate experience... This also reminded me, You must cheer up and be responsible for all matters related to cats, and you must truly love them and care about them from the bottom of your heart.

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