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烧烤、野炊Barbecue, Picnic


This Friday our uncle took us to the cliff park for barbecue and picnic. Different from previous years, this time I went there neither early nor late, just after the summer, the weather was not so hot, and the climate was not completely cold, so the outdoor environment was particularly pleasant. After a good meal this time, we walked together to explore a place we had never been to before, that is, the "cliff" in the cliff park. Since we couldn't climb directly up the cliff, we ended up taking a detour from the back and went straight to the top of the cliff. Looking at the scenery of the park and the beach from afar on the edge of the cliff, blowing the breeze in the evening, everyone took a group photo to record this unforgettable moment. We all had a great time and ate well that day.

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