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漂泊不定的气候A wandering climate



A wandering climate

The climate in Canada always becomes unstable when the seasons are approaching. It is often the case that there is a bright sun after the beginning of winter or a heavy snowfall suddenly occurs when the weather gradually warms up. Sometimes the weather forecast is not able to cope with such sudden changes. A special weather warning suddenly appears in the morning, and thick snow accumulates in the afternoon. Then, not long after, a rain comes, washing away the traces of snow. Clean. At this time, we have entered March, which is about to usher in spring, but it is difficult to say whether the temperature will suddenly drop or return to a state of ice and snow. After all, there have been records of snow in April and even May in previous years. It's been almost half a year. Although we have been accustomed to this kind of weather change for such a long time, we still often lament that the weather in Canada is very "personalized".

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