Mountain is student on duty this week, so he will cook all of breakfast this week, after l have eaten , l feel it’s small so good. Brother Hank have some things, so he had gone out house, after he have taught Mountain to cook way. Mountain have cooked lunch this meal for us, meal is so good. I have thought that my cook meal , it is so bad. I will study him who cook the meal.


Recently l had exercise time, l found that l need 2 hours to complete my exercise, but now l had only needed 1.5 hours to complete my exercise. I feel that my body must become stronger, before l had gone this school, l was always insomnia and always not sleep condition. After I came this school that my body of all the bad things had already disappeared. Because this school have uncle’s education for us and infinite concern and bother. So we were educated by this school (uncle place), we have become a good boy from a dross. Not only is body, and also have psychology, thinking, self-control, kindness, responsibility… we study these things from ulcer’ place, if don’t have this school (uncle’ education, infinite concern and bother for us ) we were not possible to become a good boy from a bad boy.

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