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清理鱿鱼 Clean up the squid

周四,叔叔给我们做了海鲜炒饭:竹笋炒鱿鱼拌饭。叔叔教给了我如何清理鱿鱼:先用刀把鱿鱼上半部分的外皮轻轻划开,要小心不要划破里面的墨囊。再把里面的墨囊撕下,取出上半部分的鱿鱼骨头:一根像塑料片一样的细长条。然后开始处理下面的鱿鱼须。轻轻划开连接它的中间部分的下面 ,要保证不要伤到里面的眼睛,这时就可以把下面的须子切下来。最后再去掉眼睛。一只鱿鱼就处理完成了。还有一个非常有趣的部分:鱿鱼须里面包裹着一个白色球状物 ,通过一条线,连着上面的墨囊。移动这个小白球,上面的墨囊就跟着上下移动,非常好玩。清理鱿鱼真是一个非常有趣的过程。

On Thursday, my uncle made seafood fried rice for us: fried squid with bamboo shoots and bibimbap. My uncle taught me how to clean the squid: first use a knife to gently cut the upper half of the squid skin, being careful not to cut the ink sac inside. Tear off the ink sac inside and remove the top half of the squid bone: a long, thin strip that resembles a plastic sheet. Then start working on the squid whiskers below. Gently scratch the lower part of the middle part connecting it, making sure not to hurt the eyes inside, then you can cut off the lower beard. Finally remove the eyes. One squid is done. There is also a very interesting part: there is a white ball wrapped in the squid tendrils, which is connected to the ink sac above by a thread. Move the little white ball, and the ink sac on it will move up and down, which is very fun. Cleaning the squid was such a fun process.

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