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清理海参 Cleaning Sea Cucumber



This week, uncle cooked us a seafood dish, which was fried squid and sea cucumber with asparagus. When preparing for the work, uncle taught me how to clean the sea cucumbers: cut open the soaked sea cucumbers, take out the white silky things inside, and try to get rid of the intestinal wall attached to the sea cucumbers. Uncle told me that the intestinal wall was removed because there is sand in it, and if there is no sand in the sea cucumber, there is no need to do this. In the process of cleaning, I also found that one end of the sea cucumber has mouthparts, like a suction cup. The preparatory work this time enabled me to learn a lot about sea cucumbers.

There is another very interesting thing. When I took the squid out of the freezer, it was covered in black ink. Uncle told me it was cuttlefish juice. We later found out that squid is a type of cuttlefish. After a while, the clear water in which it was soaked turned black, and there were two large squid floating in the middle of the water, which looked like a close-up picture taken in "Explore the Deep Sea", which was very interesting.

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