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清扫周围环境Clean up the surroundings






Clean up the surroundings

On Saturday afternoon, it was supposed to be playing ball, but because of the recent rain, the plan changed. As the ancients say, leisure is not easy. Although we do not really have nothing to do, but suddenly an extra period of time in addition to doing their own work, also let me think of one thing: cleaning.

We clean up every Saturday to keep the environment clean. But there were few opportunities and no thought of putting their desks and surroundings in order. Looking at the messy desk and the clutter that had not been put away in the previous move, I made up my mind that I would clean it up today.

My uncle taught us that a person's state of mind can be seen from the environment in which he lives. Environment affects people, people also affect the environment, chaotic environment will only bring people lazy, relaxed, even slack mentality. And extreme cleanliness can lead to cleanliness obsession and obsessive-compulsive disorder in boys. So it's good to be moderate. The ancients said that the mean is the virtue, which is to Yi. Don't overdo anything, but don't slack off.

Therefore, in the afternoon, we worked together to clean up and clean up the places we had to study in the cleaning time and spare some time. Not to mention, after taking away unnecessary things and putting away their belongings, the learning environment will suddenly be refreshed and pleasant to the eye. Most important of all, the feeling of laziness and slack in the heart of the heart is indeed reduced at this moment. It was all thanks to my uncle's teachings, because it was hard for us to notice the details, the little things in our lives. And these small places often determine all aspects of a person, and even have an impact on the future. And in our life, uncle will always remind us inadvertently, help us correct, improve. This is one of the reasons why we children are so happy and beautiful here.

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