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淡紫色的黄昏之时Lavender dusk





Lavender dusk

A few days ago at seven o'clock in the evening, the sky began to gradually reveal a hint of lavender dusk. The entire sky was shrouded in a layer of purple-gold light, and the world seemed to be completely peaceful at this time.

Lilac dusk is different from ordinary dusk. Ordinary dusk is mostly orange or red, with a warm and magnificent feeling, while lavender dusk is even more mysterious. It is not as dazzling as the orange-red dusk, but it has a unique charm that makes people feel more peaceful.

Sitting in the car and looking at the road ahead, it feels like the car is driving on the road leading to the sky. The road going home looked particularly dreamy in the lavender light, and the dead grass and trees beside it also looked more illusory in the soft light, as if this road could really extend to the horizon.

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