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洗碗 Washing Dishes

最近,我们都陆续出现了感冒发烧的症状, 不过很快都恢复了正常,只是身体有些虚弱,所以在值日时我想快点把碗洗完。于是我用了叔叔教的洗碗方法:把所有的碗一起打上泡沫,一起冲。之前我总是自以为是的把各种碗分类洗。没想到这次用了叔叔的方法,洗碗的效率一下增加了一倍。我非常惊讶,“叔叔教的方法居然这么好用。”我不由得开始思考,是什么给我的自信让我如此固执。是学习。可是学习只是一个方面,生活中还有许许多多其他方面。我发现把学习中的自负带到生活的所有方面真是一件非常愚蠢的行为。这种品质已经障碍我很久,让我无法进步。真希望我能很快形成正确的自我认知,以及对外界事物的正确认知。

Recently, we all have symptoms of cold and fever one after another, but we all returned to normal soon, but our bodies are a little weak, so I want to finish washing the dishes quickly when I am on duty. So I used the dishwashing method taught by uncle: foam all the bowls together and rinse them together. Before, I was always self-righteous in sorting and washing all kinds of bowls. Unexpectedly, using uncle's method this time, the efficiency of washing dishes has doubled. I was very surprised, "The method uncle taught is so easy to use." I couldn't help thinking, what gave me the confidence and made me so stubborn. It is learning. But learning is only one aspect, there are many other aspects in life. I find it really stupid to bring your learning ego into all areas of your life. This quality has held me back for a long time, preventing me from improving. I really hope that I can quickly form a correct self-awareness, as well as a correct understanding of external things.

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