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This week is me and Logan do duty life, every time do duty life I am very happy, because and uncle cooking can learn a lot of things, uncle often said: ruling a big country such as cooking small fresh. Cooking is also a great learning, everything must be carefully thought of before we steam rice, to think in advance how much water to add, how many people to do the amount, but also need to seriously dig rice, adjust the rice cooker, a little step out of the deviation, will make rice steamed out not so perfect, cooking, to see what is left in the refrigerator, make it into this meal to do. Sometimes uncle meal, each plate of rice is not the same, and then understand that some people eat less, some people eat a large amount, depending on people, uncle in the meal will take these things into account. In uncle's case, it is not that we can learn knowledge only in class, as elsewhere, but that we can learn useful truths in every aspect of doing things.

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