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It is not easy to change a problem of thinking. The Chinese people say: Jiangshan is easy to change and its nature is hard to change. The wrong thinking formed when we were young due to factors such as environment and education is the nature of this often said. After I came here, my uncle discovered a lot of bad thoughts in me, such as jealousy, showing, and selfishness. In the past four or five years, my uncle has spent countless efforts to correct our thinking, and has taught countless truths, just so that we can correct our thinking. Without such an environment as my uncle here, it would be really hard for us to think about correcting it, and we wouldn't even realize that we have any bad habits. That's why we are lucky, because now we have the opportunity to change. Recently, under the guidance of my uncle, I found that selfishness and self-centeredness were brought out again. Reflecting on this period of time, almost every little thing can reflect such bad thoughts. Fortunately, I have such an environment, my uncle will find out our problems and stop them in time. So in our current educational environment, nature is hard to move, but it can still be moved. It is precisely because we are receiving a good education, a good environment, and a good teacher that despite the ups and downs, we can eventually improve. I may not be able to do well now, but here I can see hope for a better future.


Recently, the time for taking pictures has increased. In the process of organizing photos, I accidentally turned to a folder called Photo Portfolio from last year. Inside are the best photos I have taken in 2021. I remember that I was very satisfied with these photos at that time, and even a little proud, I thought the photos were very good. But after a few months of study and exploration, looking back now, there are still many flaws in these photos, and I am not as satisfied as they were at the time. From this incident, I realized that we can't just be satisfied with the current state that you think is good, but we must continue to learn and improve. If you are arrogant and feel that you are very good now, then it is very likely that your state will stagnate and you will not be able to improve. Of course, you can't feel that you can't do it right now and choose to be discouraged and inferior. We need to compare ourselves with ourselves. As long as we can learn step by step, do not get discouraged, and keep working hard, we will definitely be able to become a better version of ourselves.

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