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Recently we have just read an article, about a person who loved carving demons. He later wanted to change his facial, thus going to meet an old monk; old monk told the person that he would tell after his having carved one hundred figures of Buddha. The result was that his facial turned good after carving, but he still went to find the monk without consciousness, and the old monk told him, “your facial has already changed, look at a mirror to see.” This means, turning red if close to red, turning black if close to black, but it’s not an easy thing in the real life. Black always seems that alluring, but red unobtainable, but what uncle here created was just such an environment, with various techniques, making us really closer to goodness, and cleaning our mind and body off ungood things. The end of the story says, this person later finds the world and all creatures lovable, and gets a bigger appetite. This is amusing, and also reminds me of the time when I just came, when my appetite got doubled or tripled or more.


In the southern town of To Kill A Mockingbird, the main character Atticus pled for a black man even if it means the opposite to all the people of the town, just because it is where justice lays. The interesting part is that those town people are not bad, willing to help each other in the daily lives, but would go mad at the mere mention of black man. This also reminded me of many things in the history also like this, good people finally becoming the helpers of evil. Because of this, then wisdom is also a part of goodness, a thing that everyone needs.

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