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It happened a week ago, before class one morning, when there was a sudden sound of "coo, coo" outside the window. We were very surprised because this sound came from the well-known turtledove bird. The sound was loud and close, and I opened the door curiously, but at the moment when I opened the door, a bird rushed towards me with a dead branch in its mouth. Suddenly seeing someone open the door, the bird fluttered in the air a little nervously, and then fell into the bird's nest next to the house. The sudden encounter made me a little overwhelmed, and after a while, I fixed my eyes on the bird's nest. There are some dead branches in the wooden bird's nest, and in the nest, there are two turtledoves, which should be a couple. At that time, I was very happy that there were birds nesting here again. I immediately prepared some bird food and put some water outside. The turtledove that has been in the nest seems motionless, it should be hatching eggs, it seems that it will not be long before we will be able to witness the birth of the baby turtledove for the second time. Now all we need to do is wait, and try not to disturb the hatching of the birds.

In fact, when I saw this pair of turtledoves, I wondered if this might be the pair of turtledoves that had built their nests here before, but some actions seemed to have some origin from the original pair of turtledoves. Come to a conclusion: We can't 100% determine whether this is two turtledoves are our old friands, but whatever turtledoves outside the house is a new friend or an old friend, I believe that in the uncle‘s environment with kindness. , it will be a good story.


This Friday, my uncle organized everyone to go to the farm to watch sunflowers. I have eaten sunflower seeds and used sunflower oil, but it is the first time we have seen a large area of sunflower fields. The sunflowers in the sunflower garden are facing the direction of the sun, revealing a kind of sunshine temperament. Looking closer, the little black and yellow bees lingered around the sunflower, staying on the stamens from time to time to collect nectar, and the sunflower seeds that had not yet grown were hidden in the gaps of the stamens, which also looked very tender. Going deep into the flower field, there is a special wooden viewing platform, where you can see the entire flower field, the golden sun shines on the golden ocean, and the scenery at that moment is very magnificent. There are also more characteristic play items such as swings and antique tractors in the park. Finally, at the end of the sunflower field, where it meets the cornfield, there is a large piece of empty grass, where we wrestled, turned somersaults, and had a lot of fun. Although this journey is short, it is still very happy and happy.

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