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有意思的互动Interesting interaction

最近在课间时间,有幸能接近咱们最胆小的两只猫,元宝和暖宝。在从前,通常我们只能接近一向胆子很大的大金。这中间却有一件很有意思的事情,以往如果我们太接近两只胆子小的猫,它们都会表现的有些害怕,然后就会找地方躲起来。然而看着它们有些害怕的眼神,忽然想到了什么,于是我做了一个尝试 :故意对它们表现出很小心翼翼和害怕的样子,结果很有意思——几次之后它们居然就不害怕了!而且从它们的眼神中也可以看出以前的那种警惕和敌意已经没有了。我们身边的这些动物真的很有灵性,有时候甚至通过他们的一个眼神都可以隐隐约约感觉到他们在想什么。这个也算是一次跟我们的猫咪很有意思的一次互动,最后我们就可以很轻松的摸到他们啦。

Recently, during recess, I was lucky enough to get close to our two most timid cats, Yuan Bao and Nuan Bao. In the past, usually we can only get close to Daikin who has always been very courageous. But there is a very interesting thing in the middle. In the past, if we got too close to two timid cats, they would all show a little fear, and then they would find a place to hide. However, looking at their frightened eyes, I suddenly thought of something, so I made an attempt: I deliberately showed them a very cautious and scared look, and the result was very interesting-they were not afraid after a few times! And from their eyes, it can be seen that the previous vigilance and hostility are gone. These animals around us are really spiritual, and sometimes you can even vaguely feel what they are thinking through a look in their eyes. This can be regarded as a very interesting interaction with our cats, and finally we can easily touch them.

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