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Uncle asked us a question this Friday; Who has changed you the most before coming to this school? The first thing that came to my mind at that time was my parents. But then I thought about it, if someone had asked me this question before coming to this school, I would certainly not have thought of my parents. In the days before, what I received was selfish and self-centered. Teachers in this school teach you how to be a good person and be grateful, which is why I have the mind that I have right now. I feel that I have really changed a lot after coming to this school, and I feel that I am very lucky to come to this school.


This week I finished reading one of Jin Yong's martial arts novels, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. Many of the characters in the story are very generous and think about others, and this is what we have to learn. At the same time, I also learned a lot of knowledge in the process of reading this book, such as many historical events. Therefore, I feel that I should read books whenever I have time, which will have a lot of benefits for myself.

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