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暴风雨 Storm


Canada recently welcomed the first high temperature weather in 2024. Along with it came a series of storms. In recent days, the weather has always been gray, and the big raindrops come and go as they say. That day, we moved the seasonings and the big pot to the yard to cook as usual. The weather was hot and sultry, and dark clouds were over our heads. Heavy rain could come at any time. After copying the vegetables, we had just returned to the house for a short while when heavy rain poured down. The big raindrops hit the big pot and seasonings, and we hurried out to collect them. I thought I would definitely get caught in a small shower this time, but the rain stopped as soon as I went out! We quickly took everything back to the house, and just as we stood in the house, it started to rain heavily outside again. It seemed that the rain lady stopped for us for half a minute so that we could get our things back without getting wet!

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