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暖宝 NuanBao



As the only little girl in the cat family, Nuanbao often gives people a feeling of independence, caution and full of personality. Except for being close to people when patting, he stays by himself most of the time. While the other cats gather around us, laying around enjoying a pat, she's probably enjoying some quiet time next to the heater in the basement. If you try to hug her, she'll be extremely nervous. The tail is tucked and the four legs are kicking. It seems that every muscle in the body is working hard and every hair is resisting. Even when she is asleep, when you want to touch her, she will wake up instantly and turn her head away, or stand up and prepare to escape at any time. By the time you visit her again, she'll probably have moved to another place to sleep.

I always thought this was Nuan Bao’s unique personality, and I was still wondering if all female cats had such personality, but things have changed recently. The most obvious change is that she no longer resists us kissing and hugging her, and often walks around us. They usually stop next to us, then stick out their butt and rub their little heads against the computer to signal us to pat it. Then he gurgled, his belly turning happily. Now, she can even stay in our arms for a while!

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