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显示心 Show Off




We show ourselves to others because we hope to gain recognition and admiration from others by showing ourselves, so as to satisfy our self-esteem and confidence. Of course, there is nothing wrong with working hard to gain recognition from others, but the value of a person should not depend entirely on the opinions of others, but more importantly, whether he has put in the effort.

When we focus too much on our image and performance, we lose sight of our true purpose, which can have a very negative impact on our work. We spend too much time and energy on showing off, while ignoring our real purpose of "getting the job done". So in order to avoid this situation, I must always focus on the purpose and meaning of the task, instead of showing myself too much.

In the future, I will always ask myself when I do things, "Am I really completing the task?" Whether the focus and energy are on the task itself, not just yourself.

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