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昨日之深渊,今日之浅谈。Yesterday's Abyss, Today's Shallow Pool




I want to get into a good university, I want to succeed in my business, I want to repay my parents, and I want to be worthy of myself. We say these words to ourselves or to others all the time. But when I really start to do things, I often only have three minutes of enthusiasm, and such inspirational three seconds are also because of reading the chicken soup article.

We always feel how other people can understand our anxieties and troubles, but this is the world, no matter what you think we have to grow up and face reality. Although growing up is painful, but "the abyss of yesterday, the shallow talk of today." Even if it is hard and tiring now, it will pass. When you look back at the present in the future, you will only smile slightly and feel that it is nothing more than that.

Diamonds shine because they have been polished thousands of times. So start working hard now! Improve your morality and quality, and don't let your time go by in vain.

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