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春 Spring

当雪花飘落的季节渐渐远去,万物开始苏醒,春天悄然而至。我们脱下厚重的棉衣,换上轻薄的衣装。前不久刚下过雨,空气中弥漫着潮湿清新的气息混合着泥土淡淡的清香。今天阳光特别好,所以我们早上出去散步呼吸呼吸新鲜空气。我发现,门口的玫瑰花也开始发芽了 ,那淡雅的粉色和红色让人不由得想起春天百花齐放的盛景。


When the season of falling snowflakes gradually goes away, everything begins to wake up, and spring comes quietly. We took off our heavy cotton clothes and put on light clothes. It had just rained not long ago, and the air was filled with moist and fresh breath mixed with the faint fragrance of soil. It's sunny today, so we went for a walk in the morning to get some fresh air. I found that the roses at the door have also begun to sprout, and the elegant pink and red make people think of the grand scene of blooming flowers in spring.

Timing is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes when I think about it carefully, two months have passed since the Spring Festival, and almost half of 2023 has passed. At this time, I always feel that time really flies by so fast! As the saying goes: "Spring is the turn of the year", spring is a new beginning, it symbolizes hope, life and growth. I hope that with the arrival of spring, the beauty and luck that belongs to us will follow.

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