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春天 Spring


Spring arrives quietly, and everything grows silently. The weather that had been lightly snowing a few days ago suddenly looked again: spring is everywhere. Unknown white flowers bloom on the branches, adding unique beauty to both sides of the road. Dandelions dotted the grass, their golden color even more brilliant against the tender green. The geese flew past merrily, like travelers on a collective spring outing, talking to each other about interesting things on the journey. When does spring arrive? Perhaps it is the night after the spring rain moistens the earth, or when the spring breeze blows through the flowers, plants and trees, but this is not a momentary thing. The weather is gradually getting warmer, the buds are slowly growing, and the grass is turning green little by little. These changes do not happen overnight. The important thing is to have a pair of eyes that discover beauty and a heart for progress while growing up, and to remain alert to the future while having faith. Fear and worry will not accomplish anything, face up to shortcomings and see progress, and strive to move forward step by step.

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